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What’s The Difference Between A Pergola, An Arbour And A Gazebo,

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What’s the difference in between a pergola, an arbour plus a gazebo,

File:Via della pergola, targa.JPG - Wikimedia CommonsJuly 23rd 2013

“Is it a pergola, an arbour or a gazebo,” Have you discovered for yourself asking this question while moving through garden magazines or searching online, Who knew these blameless garden structures could cause therefore much confusion,

I sell unique pergolas on the web and I’m constantly amazed by the quantity of phone phone calls I receive from potential prospects that are befuddled about the distinction between pergolas, gazebos and arbours. Let’s not beat about the particular bush. There ARE differences, plus I’d want to share them along with you so we can place our bewilderment behind us plus identify our garden structures along with confidence!

What is a Gazebo,

a) Gazebo – the stand-alone structure, usually with edges and also a roof, frequently situated in order to maximise available views, of the particular garden itself or maybe the landscape further than. They are often hexagonal or even octagonal in design. Some have got lattice-work sides and built-in seats, giving them a sturdy, surrounded feel. They are structures within their own right, and are usually rarely vehicles for plants. They will have a nostalgic appeal, probably stemming from our memories associated with parks with gazebos used initially as bandstands.

Grange Keswick Bersot from Heritage Gardens

What can be an Arbour,

b) Arbour — a short ‘walk-through’ arched construction, usually made of wood, that will connects one part of the garden with another (say, the particular vegetable garden to an official lawn area). These are usually used being a frame for hikers, particularly roses.

Kyre arbour (or ‘arch’) from Gardensite

There are usually also smaller, stand-alone curved arbours with latticed sides, shells and built-in seating, for secluded contemplation of the garden. These types of arbours with seats are occasionally known to as Bowers. They may carry climbing plants for extra sensory and romantic appeal.

Tenbury Bower from Rowlinson Garden Products

What is a Pergola,

c) Pergola – there are 2 types:
First, the traditional ‘lean-to’ pergola, frequently made of wood, and built contrary to the house to provide a transitory area from inside to the outside. During the Renaissance period in particular it gave ladies a chance to take the air without damaging their fair complexion.

Lean-to style pergola from Perfect Pergolas

Secondly, the ‘stand-alone’ pergola, again made of wood, with uprights but no solid sides or roof. These can be positioned attractively in the garden and permit some protection from the harsh sun, particularly if planted up with shading climbers. These freestanding pergolas are sometimes known as ’canopiesâ€? (just to keep us on this toes! )

Both types of pergola are, in effect, frames for climbers and vines that surround the occupants with foliage, flowers and aromas and offer a measure of defense against the weather and some privacy in cities.

Standalone style pergola (with canopy) from Rowlinson Garden Products

Performing the most basic of searches on the internet for the differences between a gazebo, pergola and arbour throws up all kinds of waffle and nonsense (try it – you’ll see the reason! ), ergo the widespread confusion among our customers. I hope my explanation demystifies the subject and helps the UK’s garden lovers to order their preferred option with full confidence.

By Adrian Valentine


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1. Jonathan Burnett says:
October 11, 2013 at 5: 19 pm
Hi Adrian,

I found your blog on LinkedIn. I like your description of the differences between the landscape structures. Do you sell the shade canopy that is shown on your last photo above, If so, can you send me specifications. I am always looking for a better sun shade.

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– Adrian Valentine says:
October 14, 2013 at 9: 14 am
Morning Jonathan,

Many thanks for comment. We tend not to offer the canopy yet – nevertheless , we’re hoping to bring them on board for your start of next spring. Take a look at:


They really seem to learn about canopies for all shapes and sizes as well as a great range of colours. The one in the picture comes from Rowlinson Garden Products but I don’t think you c

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