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(Music) Meet Val, a South Florida homeowner looking to add style functionality and flair to her backyard and outdoor living. Living in South Florida we love being outside. We spend 24/7 outside in the Sun. And taking that into consideration we wanted something that would protect us from the Sun a little bit with the functionality of having a lot of sun when we wanted and being able to adjust it for one we didn’t want it. Meet Robert, a local contractor who’s arrived for day one of the pre build. The crew is already on site cutting, sawing and drilling beams, along with support structures. It’s a two-day job that when finished will give valves family many years of better outdoor living. Hey Val. Hey Robert, how are you? Come on in.

See if I can get through there. How you been? Good to see ya. You too, you too. Your guys we’re here, bright and early this morning. Yeah they get out here and get it done. Extending the living space of the home to the exterior while providing multi positioning louvers for precise control over light and whether exposure. The remote control and powered roof system makes it easy to adjust. The roof system brings a whole new level to a traditional pergola patio cover. This one literally a cut above you made a great decision going with the Equinox louvered roof system. I mean it. Like we spoke before and what you were saying, is you don’t want to keep your house dark. Right. You like the light. Yeah. So being able to open those louvers with the remote and have that Sun come through is awesome and at the same time, you’ll be able to barbecue outside and entertain when it’s raining. Yeah. Like you said. (Powr Tool Sounds). Today is all our prep work. Make sure that we get all the columns and all the beams, everything level, put all the things together what they’re doing back there.

You’re taking all the louvers right now and they’re putting all their end caps on, which is this is how you’re able to rotate the louvers. Inside the system and tomorrow the fun stuff happens. We start putting… Tomorrow’s the party. Tomorrow’s the party, yeah. We put all the louvers in tomorrow and we’ll be enjoying that part. Now I remember that you mentioned it’s solar power. They are solar powered and taking advantage of the Florida sunshine makes great sense and saves lots of sense too. Energy provided by the Sun goes right into the battery, powering the motors to open and close the louvers. It’s an energy efficient system that will last for years and years (Music) Look how much you guys done already. We’ve got a lot done today, so we probably got about an hour left. Okay. We’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning. We’re going to finish this thing up. Yaay! Surprise your husband. Exciting. Me too. (Music) Now we’re going to do all the little things. Like we got a wire for the lights, the motors, the solar panel. So we’re going to lift the back of the job up. Jr’s going to wire it.

We’re going to connect everything. Put the job back down and reconnect the job and start putting louvers in. Val’s family loves to entertain day and night and the family’s decision to go with lights will add a whole other dimension to their outdoor living when the Sun Goes Down. So these are lights that we’re going to be putting up on our Equinox louvered roof system. We’re going to have these on the gutter, shining upward, at our louvers and then we’re going to have our recess custom light another dimmable light which is going to be facing downwards.

Our down light when they go up it’s going to make for a beautiful barbecue tonight. Val’s dad Bob, an engineer, stopped in to check out the progress. Wow looks really different. Right? Yeah, I couldn’t get a real good idea yesterday. Now it’s almost all the way there. It’s beautiful yeah? It is awesome. It’s hi tech. I know and look how light it is. So who’s going to control the remote? Me! Keepi nga holster for it? Rock, Paper, Scissors will be the safest…

It will be awesome. Yeah I can’t wait for the barbecue tonight. See what the lights look like. I know, t’s going to be awesome. (Music) I think we met the homeowners expectations. you know they asked for us to extend their patio and then they’re living area outside so they can entertain and I think we took a couple steps further and added a few things and features that she’s very happy about. Wow, Robert they came out amazing. Are you excited? Yes this is so cool. You want to see these things open? Sure I do. I can’t wait. Here we go.

lThat’s bay four. Wow, look at that. There’s two. They’re better than I even thought they would be. This is so cool. My husband is gonna freak out. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you this on one condition. What is it? I get to barbecue tonight. Oh that’s a deal. Told you, I’d end up with the remote. Yes you did.

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