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The Outdoor Style Show | Should I choose a Pergola or Patio Cover?

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Hi and encouraged to The Outdoor Style Present with Texas Custom Patios. I am Ryan. And I’m Rob. Jooxie is here to actually talk about exactly what you, as a patio buyer, should know about the distinction between an outdoor cover and the pergola. (music) A pergola, or even an arbor or perhaps a trellis since some people call it, is really a shade structure that’s in your own backyard that covers your outdoor. Typically, it’s made out associated with cedar or aluminum that’s colored or stained to whatever a person want it to look such as. An outdoor cover, on the additional hand, is a roof framework that creates an outdoor dwelling room. It’s generally designed plus built to look original in order to the home and it’s completed with shingles and has sturdy plank trim and faciand brickwork that matches your home. The lot of times either associated with these structures can be freestanding or attached but both associated with them allow us to perform things like electricity, whereas the pergola, we get to perform… we can put outdoor graded fans and lights that would certainly be able to handle exactly how damp and wet the framework can get.

But an outdoor cover, on the other hands… You can do all the particular same kind of lighting a person do inside the home. Within fact, you are able to decorate an outdoor cover a lot like you are doing that the inside the house with rugs and if a person think you’d how you occurs living room or your cooking area in the home you’re entertaining, if you’re watching television, you’re enjoying some period by the fire. We perform all those things within patio cover. A pergola is really a structure that adds to the elegance and aesthetics of your house. Usually, we prefer to use all of them as a transition piece between home and a free-standing framework being an attachment off the part of a beautiful patio cover up that tends to just include even more beauty to anything that you’re doing out there. The particular maintenance on pergolas is that will since we use a spot, it’s something that needs to be re-stained every one to two yrs, specially in our Houston heat exactly where we get a lot associated with UV.

The patio cover, the low maintenance. It’s designed plus built a look original in order to your home so it’s completed with the same kinds have got exterior finishes you might have on your own home like hardy plank such as brick or stone or such as composition shingles- things that are usually impervious to the elements. Plus it is made to last the particular life of your home. A person know, we’re designing and developing it and tying it in to the frame of your house. So this particular is a project that will certainly add value to your house and last the life span of your own home. When people see these types of awesome pictures on our site or during these magazines that take part in outdoor living spaces, in fireplaces, in outdoor kitchens, in lovely ceilings and fantastic looking floors- these are always within patio cover. Patio covers maximize the particular functionality of an outdoor dwelling space and also allow you in order to do anything you could perform indoors outdoors. A patio cover up does indeed maximize the functionality associated with your outdoor family room all those people things that you can perform under a roof structure, below a fully covered area, such as watch TV, like enjoy a while by the fireplace or sitting down and reading -watch the soccer game- Yes, absolutely during soccer season! You know, envision exactly how you’re using…

going to make use of the space. Many people have got holiday gatherings and that outside living area is just that extra area they they need to amuse a large group be it family members or friends. Thanks for signing up for us once again for one more edition from the Outdoor Style Present with Texas Custom Patios. Make sure you like or share the video clip if you found it useful! For more ideas on exactly how we are able to help you with your own outdoor living space go to Tx Custom Patios dot com. Thanks a lot for watching. We’ll catch a person next time! Outtakes: Hi. Allowed to The Outdoor Style Present with Texas Custom Patios I am Ryan. I’m Rob. (laughter) He is Rob. Which is when I’m expected to do that again. Alright. All right. Hi. (laughter) uhhhhh. Okay, here we go!.

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