The Outdoor Style Show | Should I choose a Pergola or Patio Cover?

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Hi and welcome to The Outdoor Style Show with Texas Custom Patios. I’m Ryan. And I’m Rob. We’re here to really talk about what you, as a patio shopper, should know about the difference between a patio cover and a pergola. (music) A pergola, or an arbor or a trellis as some people call it, is a shade structure that’s in your backyard that covers your patio. Typically, it’s made out of cedar or aluminum that’s painted or stained to whatever you want it to look like. A patio cover, on the other hand, is a roof structure that creates an outdoor living room. It’s generally designed and built to look original to the home and it’s finished with shingles and has hardy plank trim and facia and masonry that matches your home. A lot of times either of these structures can be freestanding or attached but both of them allow us to do things like electricity, whereas a pergola, we get to do… we can put outdoor rated fans and lights that would be able to handle how damp and wet the structure can get.

But a patio cover, on the other hand… You can do all the same kind of lighting you do inside the home. In fact, you can decorate a patio cover a lot like you do that the inside the home with rugs and if you think you’d how you use your living room or your kitchen inside the home you’re entertaining, you’re watching TV, you’re enjoying some time by the fire. We do all those things under a patio cover. A pergola is a structure that adds to the beauty and aesthetics of your home. Usually, we like to use them as a transition piece between the home and a free-standing structure as an attachment off the side of a beautiful patio cover that tends to just add even more beauty to everything that you’re doing out there. The maintenance on pergolas is that since we use a stain, it’s something that has to be re-stained every one to two years, especially in our Houston heat where we get a lot of UV.

The patio cover, its low maintenance. It’s designed and built a look original to your home so it’s finished with the same kinds have exterior finishes you have on your home like hardy plank like brick or stone or like composition shingles- things that are impervious to the elements. And it is designed to last the life of your home. You know, we’re designing and building it and tying it into the frame of your home. So this is a a project that will add value to your home and last the life of your home. When people see these awesome pictures on our website or in these magazines that participate in outdoor living rooms, in fireplaces, in outdoor kitchens, in beautiful ceilings and fantastic looking floors- these are always under a patio cover. Patio covers maximize the functionality of an outdoor living space and really allow you to do anything you could do indoors outdoors. A patio cover really does maximize the functionality of your outdoor living room all those things that you can do under a roof structure, under a a fully covered area, like watch TV, like enjoy some time by the fireplace or sitting and reading -watch the football game- Yes, absolutely during football season! You know, envision how you’re using…

going to use the space. Many people have holiday gatherings and that outdoor living space is just that extra space that they they need to entertain a large group whether it’s family or friends. Thanks for joining us once again for another edition of The Outdoor Style Show with Texas Custom Patios. Please like or share the video if you found it helpful! For more ideas on how we can help you with your outdoor living space visit us at Texas Custom Patios dot com. Thanks for watching. We’ll catch you next time! Outtakes: Hi. Welcome to The Outdoor Style Show with Texas Custom Patios I’m Ryan. I’m Rob. (laughter) He’s Rob. And this is when I’m supposed to do that again. Okay. All right. Hi. (laughter) uhhhhh. Okay, here we go!.

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