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“In the summer time, the space under your pergola can get uncomfortably hot and the heat from outside will be pushing into your home, making it hard to keep cool and costing you a fortune in air-conditioning. The amount of heat coming in through your windows can be as much as a thousand watts per square meter, so a window of two square meters is about equivalent to a blow-heater on full power. Now that’s hot! Renshade is a reflective material that comes in long rolls. It can be applied to the inside of your pergola, mounted on flyscreen frames, and will reflect heat away from your home. It’s silver surface is perforated, which means you can still see through it from a distance and it still lets in 15% of the light.

Renshade frames are made using ordinary everyday flyscreen material that is readily available from the hardware store – they press up underneath your pergola, between the rafters. The best thing about this solution is that it is easily installed and removed depending on the time of year. This means that in the winter, you can take them down and encourage the warmth from the sun into your home when you need it most. You can check out our installation videos showing how easy it is to assemble and install. It’s an excellent solution for keeping your pergola, and the inside of your home, cool in summer, AND it’s a great alternative for people who are renting, or anyone not allowed to make major changes to their home. Renshade can also be applied directly to your windows using this flyscreen technique, or you can use Velcro dots to fix it to your glazing. Protecting your pergola with these reflective screens makes an enormous difference to the temperature beneath the pergola and the temperature inside your home.

So, you can spend more time outside enjoying your pergola in the summertime, while keeping the inside of your home nice and cool. And remember, in winter, simply take the frames down to let that lovely winter warmth into your home. Stow the frames away, ready to go up again next summer.”.

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