How to Build an Arbor Swing

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Escape the everyday with this pretty arbor and swing combination The arbor plans are based on a swing with a 51 inch chain span That can easily accommodate a variety of swing sizes just by making a few small adjustments Lowe’s has plenty of swing styles to choose from just be sure you know its size before you start building the arbor according to the detailed directions.

The first step is laying out the post positions. A squared frame that matches the outside faces of the posts is a good guide for marking and aligning placement Remove the frame to dig the post holes according to your local building codes and then put the frame back in place to actually set the posts Once the concrete is set each post gets wrapped using a front and back piece and two side pieces. The posts are then trimmed to their final height. Each wrap also gets capped and its best with those pieces to cut to fit.

Arched beams provide the pretty frame of the arbor so cut the pieces to length and then use a jigsaw to cut the arch in each of the beams. You can check out the detailed directions for a really simple trick to creating consistent arches. Secure those to the posts first the sides and then on the front and back. Creating the latter look panels on the arbor is also easy they’re actually panels cut from pre-assembled deck rail sections. This shortcut makes for really quick and easy installation. Next based on the size of your swing you can adjust the layout for the hanger beams and then install them and the remaining panel basis. Finally add the trim pieces and the hanger hardware for the swing. It’s well worth the time to create your own private oasis. For the detailed directions go to

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