How to Build a Pergola or Trellis : Layout Plywood for Pergola

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Bob Street with Houdini Home Repair on behalf of Expert Village. Well what we’ve got here is we are building some bases for our columns that they are going to turn around and put culture stone. On the base of the column it will be culture stone 3 foot up and then it will have a column and the column will lead up to the trellis. So what we have to do is build a base that they can attach their culture stone too and this is what we are doing here, it’s treated plywood. We are going to lay it out, the size that we need which happens to be 20 inches x 20 inches, by 36 inches tall.

20 x 20 after doing the math, two sides will end up 20 inches, the plywood is a half inch thick so two wides will end up 19 inches. So right now we are cutting the 19’s. Nineteen I am allowing a little for the saw blade..

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