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>> VOICE OVER: In this episode of Home Made. >> LISA: Great day to do a project. >> ROB: Right after we move this huge pile of wood. >> LISA: Oh, not good. >> ROB: So if I cut my finger off just keep rolling. [camera man laughing] >> LISA: Yeah, set the posts that’s a good idea. [drill noise] [Lisa luaghing] >> LISA: That was pretty cool. [music ends] >> ROB: The realist and the idealist. I don’t know. >> ROB: It should come to me right? >> ROB: I tend to be more of a perfectionist. >> ROB: Plumb atcually is the terrm. traced a pattern >> LISA: And I’m like about gettin’ it done. If I had a hammer I could make it go. We are going to put the long ones on one side and the short ones on the other. >> ROB: I do a lot of the planning. >> LISA: And I just do what ever he says.

[luaghing] >> LISA: I think we work good together. >> ROB: Yeah. >> LISA: Good patients. Well you have good patients. I have no patients so it works out well. >> ROB: This week in Home Made we are going to be building this pergola project. It’s a project we’ve been waiting to do and we’re real excited to get started so we’re going to get loaded up and get going. We are building this at my Mom’s house. It’s a project that she wanted to do in her back yard. We bought the lumber a while ago. It’s been sitting out there. And we just need to get it started and get it done for her. So, just watch how we do it. >> LISA: Great day to do a project. >> ROB: Right after we move this huge pile of wood. >> LISA: Oh, not good. >> ROB: The first step we gotta’ do is we have to dig the holes according to the plan. I put a little water in the hole before we set the water or concrete in there.

Yeah, there may be a science, there’s probably instructions on the bag generally for mixing concrete but >> LISA: We don’t listen to those. >> ROB: I just try to make it a muddy, soupy mix. Somewhere between muddy and soupy. Alright so I put a little water in there. Set the pole in there. There we go. >> Lisa: Hold your breath. >> ROB: Concrete dust never hurt anybody. >> LISA: You should have concrete buggers. >> ROB: Pretty good. Alright. It’s pretty good So what we’ll do is do the other three. And then we’ll recheck them before we kind of tack them in place. We’ll use boards to kind of hold them all together plumb. Then we will let them dry over night. Alright. That’s it. >> LISA: Done. >> ROB: Now that the posts are set in the ground and the concrete is curring.

We can go ahead and get ready for tomorrow by cutting the ends of these rafters with this decorative shape. What I’m going to do right now with my jig saw is I’m going to cut out this pattern. And then I’m going to transfer it to the ends of these rafters. And that will give us the design we’re looking for in the plan. >> ROB: If I cut my finger off just keep rollin’. [camera man luaghing] >> ROB: Keep rollin’. Don’t stop. [more laughing] >> ROB: Now that all the rafters are cut we can bring it all together and start assembling the whole thing.

It’s going to look good. >> LISA: Up, down, middle. What am I doing? >> ROB: Up one eighth inch or so. >> LISA: Woohoo! >> ROB: Maybe I need a smaller drill. >> ROB: Ah, between stripping it and drilling through it. [Lisa luaghing] >> ROB: Normally you would work a chisel on this. That’d be ideal. But I don’t have a chisel. So I’m just gonna work a hammer on it. >> ROB: Is your’s good? >> LISA: If I had a hammer I could make it go. >> ROB: If we have to knock them in that’s fine. As long as they go. >> ROB: Yeah, what we’re doing right now is measuring out the spacing so we get the layout right and evenly space them between the outsides and uh nail them in place and we will be ready to go.

>> ROB: Okay so we got all the beams set in place. And spaced out right. Now we’re just going to take the nail gun and toenail them in place to the boards below. They will be pretty much secure and we’ll be good to go. Alright? Okay..

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