Growing Plants Vertically Using A Simple Low Cost DIY Garden Arbor

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Hey there everybody, how’s it going? It’s Dan from Today I just wanted to share with you guys how I went about putting together this garden arbor with an entry gate to the main part of the garden. Here we’ve got some ‘Wisteria Sinensis’ otherwise known as ‘Prolific’. This is an abundant flowering shrub/vine. It re-flourishes in the months of June and July. And will usually starts blooming in the second year, which is what’s happened here. We’ve had them in the ground for two years and these are the first blossoms we’ve had.

Moving right along, you can see we got some of this ‘Opo Squash’ or ‘Bottle Gourd’ hanging down from the trellis. Now this is a really cool vegetable. It’s got a nice refreshing mild taste. You harvest them when there about ten to twelve inches long for eating. People will actually use them once there dried out to make things like water bottles bird houses and all kinds of stuff. here we got some dried pole beans…I need to collect the dried beans from those. Here’s another shot of the arch of the arbor. Over on the other side here we have a tree collard that’s leaning against the arbor and you can see where it’s poked through here and created a little dense cluster where a couple birds have made a nest up there. Now these ‘Purple Tree collards’ are a perennial brassica from the cabbage family. They’re rich in fiber, calcium and contain no oxalic acid so you can eat as many as you want. Here’s some more ‘Wisteria’ poking through. You can see in the back there the structure of the tree collard coming up.

It’s a really dense and strong structure that’s really doing a good job helping to hold this arbor in place. What do we got here? This bumble bee has come to say hi. It’s a beautiful day out here in the garden. I’m enjoying shooting this video and sharing it with you guys. The construction for this project was very simple and low cost.

All that I ended up using was four of these 5′ t-posts which I then connected to this 16′ piece of cattle panel using just a little bit of tie wire. Other than that, a couple 4×4’s that are holding the gate in place also tie wired to the t-posts. And the gate itself was just some left over 2×4 boards I had framed out to create a nice lightweight swing gate. So that’s it guys. Just wanted to share with you how things are going out in the garden around the arbor. I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll be talking to you soon..

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