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Pergola DIY

How to Keep Your Pergola Cool with Renshade Reflective Screens | by ecoMaster

?In the summer time, the space under your pergola can get uncomfortably hot and the heat from outside will be pushing into your home, making it hard to keep cool and costing you a fortune in air-conditioning. The amount of heat coming in through your windows can be as much as a thousand watts read more

The power of a pergola! Powered Louver Roof Systems!

(Music) Meet Val, a South Florida homeowner looking to add style functionality and flair to her backyard and outdoor living. Living in South Florida we love being outside. We spend 24/7 outside in the Sun. And taking that into consideration we wanted something that would protect us from the Sun a read more

How to Build a Pergola or Trellis : Layout Plywood for Pergola

Bob Street with Houdini Home Repair on behalf of Expert Village. Well what we?ve got here is we are building some bases for our columns that they are going to turn around and put culture stone. On the base of the column it will be culture stone 3 foot up and then it will have a column and the read more

How to Build an Arbor Swing

Escape the everyday with this pretty arbor and swing combination The arbor plans are based on a swing with a 51 inch chain span That can easily accommodate a variety of swing sizes just by making a few small adjustments Lowe?s has plenty of swing styles to choose from just be sure you know its read more

How to Make a Slide-On Wire Hung Canopy (Pergola Canopy)

Eric: This video’s brought to you by Sailrite. Visit for all your project supplies, tools, and instructions. A wire hung canopy is a great idea. They can provide adjustable shade to make your outdoor living area comfortable, even on the hottest of sunny days. Want one for your outdoor read more

How to Build a Pergola or Trellis : Erecting Posts for Pergola

Hi, I?m Bob Street with Houdini Home Improvements on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we are putting a stop block so when our column comes down there with a post we are mounting the post, the column doesn?t slide all the way down. Just a little something to make it easier for us; read more

How To Build A Pergola Frame – DIY At Bunnings

I?m going to show you how to build a pergola. I?ve got a few different tools here. I?ve got my concrete and my wheelbarrow for putting all my posts in the ground. I?ve got my power saws here for cutting and drilling all my timber. I?ve got my levels and my ladders, so read more

Home Made Show, Pergola Episode

>> VOICE OVER: In this episode of Home Made. >> LISA: Great day to do a project. >> ROB: Right after we move this huge pile of wood. >> LISA: Oh, not good. >> ROB: So if I cut my finger off just keep rolling. [camera man laughing] >> LISA: Yeah, set the posts that?s read more