39 Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas for Home

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Give your house a facelift. This is 39 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Totally Change Your Home by Jessica Probus. Whether you’re looking to sell, or just want to give your home a spring refresh, these simple curb appeal ideas will go a long way. 1. First step: paint your front door Here’s a great guide for how to choose which color, ( which is often the hardest part) A brightly colored door is a great way to draw attention to your house and make it feel modern and inviting. 2. There’s even an app that lets you see what different door colors would look like! It’s called Front Door Paint, naturally. We have linked you to right apple store directory under the video. 3. Here’s the best way to paint a storm door: Get full instruction down there. 4. If you don’t want to paint, just give your door a good scrub. 5. Spray paint your existing door hardware. Anything is more modern than contractor’s brass. Get more detail at thriftydecorchick.com 6. Give your house numbers a font upgrade. The font is very important. Get these second sans-serif ones at dwr.com.

For the decals on the right, go to homebyally. You can learn the DIY too over there. 7. Frame your door. Painting the trim and adding matching moulding can make any door frame look tons better. Get the directions at MeandJilly. 8. Add a stylish door knocker. Learn how to polish antique brass at MarcusDesign. 9. Put in some new porch lights. Learn how to replace your lights at TwoTwentyOne.

10. Or, just upgrade the ones you have. This radical makeover cost $1! See how to do it at StyleWithCents. 11. Add tile to a plain concrete entryway. See instructions at DecorandtheDog. 12. Or, make faux tiles with concrete stain. Get the tutorial at BeneathMyHeart. 13. Adding layers of plants will give more dimension to your porch. See how to mix and match at HouseandHome. 14. Add some hanging planters. Learn how to make these DIY hangers at ABeautifulMess. 15. Make an inexpensive planter tall by glueing two pots together. See how at Brady Bunch Remodel. 16. For a small porch, try a vertical planter. Study how to make this one at Cape 27 17. Start a container garden with these DIY planters. Learn how to make the gold-dipped one at home heart and hands. and the cedar one at shanty 2 chic. 18. This chart will tell you how to mix and match colorful plants: Read more info at Barn Nursery. 19. Wood stain your aluminum garage door for a more rustic feel. See how to do it at home talk. 20. Or class it up with DIY carriage house doors. All you need is $10 worth of hardware and a drill. Find how to get the job done at Garden of Love.

21. Take it up a notch and add a pergola with climbing vines. The pergola is quick, but the vines might take a while See the full transformation at laurries. 22. Make a faux stair runner with paint. It gives stairs a little more character, Plus, you don’t have to paint the whole thing. Get the directions at The 2 Seasons. 23. Cover an exposed foundation with ready-made panels. at fauxpanels. 24. Camouflage your ugly electrical boxes. Just paint them the same color as your house! See more at love of family and home. 25. And hide your Air Conditioning unit. See how to camouflage this necessary eyesore at Spirals and Spatulas. 26. Give your mailbox a makeover. This one is from a pre-packaged kit. See how to do it at Beneath My Heart. 27. Revamp your welcome mat. You can give new life to a ratty door mat with this easy tutorial from Smart Schoolhouse. 28. Or, personalize a cheap natural mat. Get some DIY Directions at The Sits Girls. 29. Add faux shutters to your front windows. If you get the boards cut at the hardware store, you won’t even need a saw.

Get the instructions at House Logic. 30. While you’re at it, repair any torn screens. Thanks to Martha Stewart. 31. Pressure wash everything! You can pressure wash .. … .. Everything looks better with a little hard scrub. In regards to this point, NEVER power wash stucco! You do not want to ever risk getting moisture under the stucco surface. it will not turn out well in the long run! Stucco can be rinsed off with a regular hose, and then should be brushed clean.

A flat broom works great ! Same thing with limestone! It’s way too porous, but diluting bleach A garden sprayer works wonders, just be careful with surrounding plants. 32. Add some window boxes. You can buy them or DIY them. Scrool video to know more. 33. Hang up your hose. See how to make this convenient hanging post at Shanty 2 Chic. (34). Or, stick it in A cool copper pot. 35. Get rid of weeds with this Non-toxic DIY spray. See how to make your own cheap and easy weed killer at One Good Thing by Jillee. 36. Create your own flower beds with this easy tutorial. See the full instructions and photos at Funky Junk Interiors. 37. Create a flower bed around your trees for another well-contained pop of color.

Discover more at loves photo album. 38. Add some simple edging to any flower beds That will protect them from the mower. A smart idea from Garden World. And, 39. Top it all off with a porch swing. Nothing says “Sit down and stay a while” like an outdoor swing. Learn how to make this one at Shanty 2 Chic. That’s it. if it inspires you care to comment, like, or share this video with everyone you know Thank you. Please press subscribe button before you leave if you want to see more videos, and thanks for watching. See you later..

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